Why Digital Mindset Matters

'The impact of digital on leadership thinking and mindset has been underestimated. Applying outdated ways of thinking to this new world has not worked. Without the right mindset, digital transformation efforts will continue to deliver sub optimal results. Developing a digital mindset is an economic imperative for all businesses.' Fiona O Carroll, Founder, The Digital Mindset Coach


Fiona is an highly experienced practitioner of digital transformation across a number of industries including Tech, Retail, Consumer Goods, Education, Media and Computer Gaming sectors.


In 2018, Fiona founded The Digital Mindset Coach with a mission to address a key issue facing established organizations – how to improve their success rate in digital transformation and secure their long-term viability.


Her experience leading digital transformation inspired the founding of The Digital Mindset Coach. The mission is to close the gap between the new knowledge & the mindset required to grow and lead a business in the digital era.


Fiona is also an associate Lecturer in Digital Mindset, Culture & Leadership at the Irish Management Institute.